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Social Media Management


Drew Stevens acknowledges that you need to be in it to win it and be heard. Public Relations is growing as an industry year over year, however, helping that growth is the emergence and the need to use social media. Drew Stevens believes in the use of integrated strategies to operate your public relations campaign to receive maximum results. To that end, we too, engage in digital social media strategies. We perform audits while also providing a complete social media marketing plan. We can even run your social media channels on a daily or campaign basis by writing content and managing your channels to increase your impressions, awareness and engagement. We create an individualized approach to engage your clientele and develop your brand through a variety of channels that ensure visibility and brand building.


Reputation Management/Crisis Management

The value of a brand is that customers invest for the brand’s sake and not with the usual amount of analysis, cynicism or caution. A brand creates a response among the public. Think of brands that you use that create eponymous communication. Branding is more about the perception of excellent that about the perception of a real deal. A proactive approach requires businesses to monitor the web on a regular basis. With over 1 billion searches per day these negative ratings, comments or even thoughts can harm your brand. Reputation and Crisis Management is not a matter of if but when. Should something occur, you need the right team at the right time to step in and mitigate every issue. Drew Stevens is your one stop shop to ensure your success. Drew Stevens provides an end to end solution the protects your name, your brand, and your future growth.


Media Management – PR

Our current team are former media personnel that understands the nature of the business. Drew Stevens was founded on the premise of community visibility. Drew Stevens understands the importance of not only sending a message but ensuring the message is received. We create an open, honest dialogue while providing an incredible professional image that encourages relationships. Our marketing reach and relationships create meaningful dialogue, and participative conversation that engages stakeholders builds trust and transforms behaviors.


Business Development

Building a business is very difficult, takes time and expends resources you do not have. Drew Stevens  Group takes the tediousness of growing a business out of your hands. Our dedicated team conducts time intensive market research and then once leads cleansed to ensure accuracy and focus, we interact with the leads for you. The Buzz DFY (Done For You) approach uses a combination of phone calls, emails, and marketing assets to introduce your products and services to economic buyers.
Our process ->research ->contact ->converse ->convert ->close. We make selling easier.


Logo Management | Websites | Ads

75% of most consumers are visual, and the manner that a company portrays itself is crucial to brand awareness (i.e., Apple, Coke, etc.). Al and Laurie Trout once stated that visuals help tell your story and position your brand. The Drew Stevens Creative team tells your story creatively to offer value, vision, and punch. The picture we create helps messaging, positioning and brand power.

Linkedin Branding

Marketing today is not what you know but who. There are tons of social media platforms to connect with but none with the power and reach of Linked In. Linked in when viewed correctly helps to position you, your company and your employees properly to ensure that you connect with the right people. People that are your consumers or strategic partners. Let us build the appropriate buzz about you and your firms to create engagement, visibility, and community to promote and share your brand.


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