Drew Stevens is a masterful motivational business speaker and has presented programs to thousands. Audiences love his warm style, his passion and energy and his commanding presence.

When you choose Dr. Drew for your next event you can expect

  1. Relevance - Dr. Drew Stevens provides case studies that exemplify his message but are real and relevant examples every participant can identify with and use.
  2. Actionable Results - Every program that Dr. Drew Stevens produces is developed with the ideology that adults need to think about new ideas, implement new strategies for change and finally transform to obtain better results.
  3. Easy to Engage With - Dr. Drew Stevens is easy to work with. He listens and wants to listen to you to ensure that you get the program that you want to create.
  4. Personalized for your group - No matter the title nor the topic you can rest assured that Drew Stevens will work with your meeting managers to develop a program personalized to your group, your challenges, and your desired outcomes.

About Drew Stevens

Dr. Drew has over 33 years of business experience assisting business organizations to change their current methodologies to transform into successful businesses. He is the author of eight books and has created gross new revenues for organizations totaling over $10 billion! If you are seeking someone that not only knows business but also understands your talent challenges, while also unblocking process obstacles, then Dr. Drew has the remedies for your success.

Topics And Titles

Business Strategy
  • No More Excuses - It's Time To Change!
  • Business Acceleration-Transforming the business to new heights!
  Marketing and Positioning
  • Million-Dollar Marketing - The ABC's for Business Development - Attract, Convert, Retain
  • Stop The Noise - How To Market Like A Rock Star
  Sales Strategy
  • Split-Second Selling - Attracting And Converting New Clients In A Split Second
  • The New Norm In Selling - Contemporary Ideas In A Global Society
  Customer Service and Customer Experience
  • Split-Second Customer Service
  • Grand Slam Customer Service

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